2017 eTail West Preview: The Best of Day Three

eTail West 2017 Day Three Highlights

With several action-packed days already behind them, eTail West day three agenda gives attendees a little bit more room to breathe with just two tracks to choose from in the afternoon and an early close. There are still plenty of great talks to look forward to, however, as the focus moving to two themes close to the apparel industry’s heart – social and mobile.

As with our guides to day one and day two, we’ve split our picks between the morning and afternoon sessions to help you plan your day a little more effectively.

Day Three: Early Morning Insight on China and the Challenge of Social

While the 8.55 a.m. keynote panel on the future of retail looks tempting, our eyes were drawn to two talks a little further down the morning schedule which both tackle areas of C-level concern for our sizing partners and the apparel industry as a whole:

  1. 11:00 a.m. | Keynote Case Study Revolution – Understanding China And The Future Of Ecommerce: China has been firmly in the crosshairs of luxury apparel brands for quite some time now, but a rapidly expanding middle class is also making the Middle Kingdom highly attractive to fashion firms facing rapidly tightening margins in their domestic markets. In his role as VP of North America at Alibaba, Lee McCabe is in a perfect position to bridge the gap between east and west while giving an insider account of growth opportunities on offer in the world’s biggest market.
  2. 11.25 a.m. | Keynote Guest Speaker – Reaching Your Customers At Every Point In Their Shopping Journey: Even as Facebook consolidate their grip on social and roll out ever-more impressive advertising options, the suspicion remains that they’ve only really scratched the surface of what’s possible with e-commerce on the platform. Many in the fashion industry are expecting major moves in this department in the near future, and the chance to hear from Facebook’s Global Head of Ecommerce and Retail Strategy Martin Barthel should not be missed.
eTail West day three networking opportunities.
As eTail West winds down on day three, there are still plenty of chances to connect.

ETail West Day Three: Closing Things Out With a Glimpse Into Fashion’s Future

The final day’s afternoon sessions finish up nice and early with plenty of space set aside for socializing and networking before attendees hit the road again. Two final talks offering early insight into what’s coming down the line for everyone in retail caught our eye:

  1. 2.25 p.m. | Case Study Revolution – Augmented Reality In Retail: Holodeck-style VR visions may be capturing the headlines worldwide, but the smart retail money has been very much on AR’s potential for the last few years. Though Scott Perry‘s case study is centred around a different vertical, there should be plenty of food for thought here for anyone involved in apparel or footwear.
  2. 2.55 p.m. | Case Study Revolution: Machine & AI In Retail Applications: We’re acutely aware of the transformative difference intelligently applied machine learning can bring to apparel companies, and always on the lookout for insights from other areas of online retail in that regard. This closing presentation from David Markle of Hayneedle should be an excellent primer on the possibilities of unlocking hidden value in customer data via Big Data.
eTail West 2017 wine and cheese tasting.
After a hectic week, there’s a final chance to unwind and network at the end of day three.

Hope to Catch You at One or More Future eTail Events

We’re big fans of eTail and looking forward to participating in many future events worldwide to help spread the word about how solving sizing can help apparel brands and retailers protect margins and hit their goals.

If there’s a future event you’re going to where you’d like to connect, or if you’d like to find out more about how our size advisor can transform your quarterly results, get in touch and let’s start the conversation!

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