4 E-commerce Trends Retailers Need in 2020

2020 E-commerce trends
New technologies in the apparel e-commerce space continue to evolve on a regular basis. We’ve sourced 4 of the hottest technologies to fuel growth online.

There is a hot spot in e-commerce innovation – and it’s apparel. These days, customers expect to interact with products in a variety of ways, on and offline. From smartphone inspiration to AI personalization, we selected four of the hottest e-commerce tech trends we think apparel and footwear retailers should use in 2020.

1. Voice Commerce

Market share from online orders using voice assistants is expected to grow to $40B by 2022. Voice commerce increases accessibility and enhances mobile experiences for shoppers. The technology is easy to use since it does not require repeated shop logins and endless catalog browsing to find an item and complete a purchase. Customers can simply state what they are looking for and receive a list of relevant items. Retailers integrating Voice Commerce technologies offer a convenient way to improve the customer journey.

Visual search enables customers to take a picture of a garment in order to find it online. Using image recognition, visual search solutions like Syte match the image uploaded by the consumer with an exact or close match they can buy online. Visual search technology is a great way to build a bridge between your products and customers looking for similar items.

Visual Search E-Commerce

3. Augmented Reality

Try before you buy; AR lets customers approximate the in-store shopping experience with interactive showrooms and 360 degree garment previews to estimate apparel quality. Companies like Next Tech AR use 3D augmented reality to increase customer engagement, leading to more product purchases. Using AR technologies can be a great choice to boost customer confidence in your brand.

4. Personalization

91% of consumers are more likely to shop from an online store that provides a personalized shopping experience. Artificial intelligence and machine-learning powered tools have long been at play in apparel, analyzing data, forecasting sales, and most notably personalizing the user experience.

AI-based sizing solutions like Fit Finder offer accurate and personalized size recommendations and, as is the case with Fit Analytics’ Fit Connect solution, connect customers with products that will match their individual preferences. Both Fit Finder and Fit Connect have an intuitive machine-learning approach which combines fit profiles and sales and returns records to provide accurate and personalized size recommendations to each consumer.

Fit Analytics_Fit Connect

Applying these and other e-commerce technology trends will transform the way consumers interact with your brand. Engagement strategies spanning visual content, voice technology, product views, and personalization will increase shopper confidence and ultimately boost sales.

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