5 Great Ways for Retailers to Market Fit Finder

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Today we’re taking a look at some awesome ways Fit Analytics’ partners put the spotlight on Fit Finder to encourage their shoppers to find the right size.

Updated Oct 2022.

The integrations are finished. Fit Finder is live on the product display pages. The first shoppers are seeking size advice. The algorithms work their magic and size recommendations are generated at lightning speed. It’s a moment we all look forward to – both us here at Fit Analytics and our partners. 

Motivated by offering a great UX for shoppers, as well as reducing returns and increasing conversions, some of our partners take it to the next level by boosting awareness of the Fit Finder feature. Here are a few successful strategies our partners use to drive Fit Finder engagement.

1) Visibility: Page Banners

A shopper will generally enter the Fit Finder process from the product detail page of the item they are considering. But as most of us know, this is a later stage in the user journey. The shopper has likely been browsing the homepage or category pages long before they land on an item of interest.

Including banners, Fit Finder images, and navigational elements throughout the online shop is a great way to let customers know there is sizing advice available long before they look at a specific product. This will make Fit Finder more obvious once the shopper reaches the product page, increasing the likelihood that shoppers will engage with the size advisor.

A great example of a powerful banner was on the Cosmos Sport homepage. Upon launching Fit Finder, The Greek retailer had a prominent in-page banner highlighting the newly integrated Fit Finder sizing solution. They went for a vibrant, inviting visual representation where technology meets happy-shoppers – a visual they wove throughout their whole Fit Finder educational campaign.

2) Education: Dedicated Fit Finder Page

Lack of understanding about new technologies like Fit Finder can affect customer engagement. Shoppers will generally use the site elements with which they are familiar such as size charts or looking at customer reviews. Increasing familiarity with Fit Finder and how it works is an important step in boosting customer engagement. It’s important to offer a dedicated space where the Fit Finder process is outlined and easy to understand so the shopper feels secure in using the solution. This doesn’t have to be complicated – it can be as simple as a landing page with some images or a Fit Finder FAQ.

Upon launching, Australian retailer rebel sport had a number of effective entry points offering Fit Finder education to its customers. The rebel homepage offered a dedicated ‘About Fit Finder’ link under the ‘Customer Service’ section in their footer which opens up to a detailed landing page explaining how Fit Finder works and addressing FAQs. The retailer also had a section within the Women’s page prompting shoppers to ‘find your best fit’ amongst other highlighted sections for inspiration and new collections. The banner led to a pop-up window explaining how Fit Finder works, including FAQs, but smartly doesn’t lead the shopper away from the page.

3) Engagement: Visual Storytelling

A key aspect to engagement is visual storytelling. Many brands already do this with beautifully curated content and collections, while others highlight new apparel with videos accompanying the static product images to give customers a sense of how the garment behaves with movement. But visual storytelling through video is a great way to educate shoppers about new features such as Fit Finder in a fun and engaging way.

Our partner Cosmos Sport showed a great example of the power of visual storytelling to educate about new features. As part of their Fit Finder launch campaign, the retailer created a number of marketing assets to make their shoppers aware of Fit Finder. Using upbeat music and relatable characters, Cosmos used the effective “problem, solution, result” story-telling structure to easily illustrate the positive result of using Fit Finder. The video is entertaining, easy to understand, and short enough to communicate the process without taking up too much time.

4) Make Some Noise: Press Release

Another fantastic example of another great approach is the engaging shopper education video and press release from South African brand Superbalist. The retailer went with a light, fun, animated approach to introduce Fit Finder to its customers with an informative educational video and explanatory press text.

5) Awareness: Newsletters

With all the information oversaturation in most channels, the newsletter has re-emerged as an important resource for retailers to communicate directly with their customers. This touch point is outside of the website and away from social-media noise. A newsletter highlighting a new collection is a perfect place to mention the availability of Fit Finder. Sending out a Fit Finder educational announcement, banner, or visual as part of a regular newsletter is a great way to increase customer awareness of the feature long before they return to the site to shop.

We hope these great ideas inspired you and encourage you to take a deeper look at how these retailers successfully market Fit Finder to their shoppers.

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