Why Fast Fashion Giants Such as ASOS Trust Fit Analytics to Solve Sizing at Scale

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If there’s one trend that’s revolutionized the apparel industry more than any other over the last two decades, it’s the rise of fast fashion worldwide. The movement’s speed to market, affordability, and commitment to logistical excellence has overturned long-standing truisms throughout the industry and turned companies such as Inditex, ASOS, H&M, and Forever 21 into global giants.

Sizing is a core concern for fast fashion firms as they work to close the gap between what customers want and when they can have it. Here at Fit Analytics, we’re proud to support ASOS in providing a better fit to millions of customers worldwide.

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Solving sizing at this type of scale presents a very particular set of challenges that we’re uniquely equipped to handle as the only genuine sizing platform in the market. In this piece, we’ll step through five key reasons why the fastest fashion firms out there trust us to deliver.

1. Ease of Integration

When you’re dealing with the sort of global volume a company like ASOS faces daily, the prospect of third-party integration woes is simply not acceptable.

All external tools are extensively vetted far in advance, and the expectation is that integration and ongoing operation should be faultless. That’s a bar we were delighted to clear, and a standard we hold ourselves to for clients of all sizes.

2. An Independent, Reliable Long-Term Data Partner

In stark contrast to many of our competitors, Fit Analytics is entirely independent and proudly profitable – two characteristics which leading fashion firms naturally gravitate towards. By choosing us as a data partner, firms such as ASOS have the security of knowing we’re in it for the long haul, and that their data is verifiably safe from competing commercial interests.

3. A Platform Not a Plugin

In addition to providing on-site sizing solutions, we also deliver a suite of additional data services to major partners which help them achieve two core objectives: selling more and stocking less.

Whether via detailed demographic breakdowns, advanced out-of-stock reports, or any of the Business Intelligence options we support, Fit Analytics partners can be confident they’re dealing with an established sizing platform whose set of solutions is constantly expanding.

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Our size advisor Fit Finder is the key that unlocks a world of further customer insight.

Our aim is to give companies an instant e-commerce uplift via our Fit Finder while providing ongoing value across multiple divisions pre- and post-purchase as our partnerships deepen.

4. Fit Prediction Expertise Married to Advanced Machine Learning Capabilities

Technological excellence is at the heart of everything today’s fast fashion leaders do and their in-house expertise is generally spectacular in that regard. If they’re faced with an issue that can be solved in-house, you can be certain that these companies have it within their capacity to do so.

Sizing, however, is a problem that cannot be solved alone. It’s also an area that requires particularly in-depth expertise around fit prediction and state-of-the-art machine learning technology – two areas in which we lead the industry.

The quality and size of Fit Analytic’s data set is unmatched, with the recommendations we produce as a result being unbeatably accurate. In direct head-to-head A/B tests against competitors, we’ve consistently generated superior outcomes for both companies and end users. That’s thanks to a genuinely 360-degree approach to studying the size problem that competitors are still struggling to catch up with.

5. Truly Global Coverage

Our Fit Finder is currently available in 20 languages, with the latest release involving 60+ professional translators working together to ensure a consistent, high quality of localization.

Just as fast fashion firms seek to continually expand their reach into new markets, sizing is a problem we aim to solve for everyone. With major clients across five continents, Fit Analytics is the only truly global size recommendation solution on the market. Our established international expertise is a huge reason major brands and multi-market retailers trust us to engage directly with their customers worldwide.

6. Proven Bottom-Line Impact

Last, but certainly not least, we come to the subject of real-world financial impact. Firms such as ASOS have risen to the top via a strong focus on reducing costs while maintaining healthy margins which are the envy of the industry. They expect us to show a continually positive contribution across both fronts on a daily basis, and we’re more than happy to deliver.

As the competitive landscape at all levels of the industry becomes tougher over coming years, this focus on protecting margins and reducing unnecessary costs around areas such as returns will only increase. With Fit Analytics on board, firms know they have a trusted data partner on their team who will boost their bottom line for many years to come.

Sizing is the key that unlocks many doors when it comes to protecting margins and getting closer to your customers. To discover more about how our sizing platform can help you sell smarter throughout the product lifecycle, get in touch today!

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