Aéropostale Solves Sizing with Fit Finder

New Client Annoucement

We are excited to announce that Aéropostale is now live with Fit Finder. Aéropostale, a global lifestyle brand, represents inclusive, modern and collaborative youth culture. The retailer specializes in effortlessly stylish, everyday apparel and on-trend accessories for young men and women. They provide authentic jeans and comfortable fashion and fashion basics at compelling values in an exciting store environment on and offline.

Aéropostale is working with Fit Analytics to provide a seamless online shopping experience. Whether browsing the brand’s 21 fits and 94 washes of denim or exploring everyday essential tops, Fit Finder ensures customers find their best fit with every purchase.

Check out Fit Finder live on Aéropostale and find your best fit today with Fit Analytics!

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Ridestore Connects With Customers Using Fit Finder

A two-month A/B test with Fit Finder showed positive results for Swedish outdoor retailer Ridestore. Customers using Fit Finder showed a 9% increase in value per visitor and a 4% increase in conversion rate.

Everyday explorers need extraordinary gear – Ridestore is where they go to get it. Founded in Sweden over 10 years ago, Ridestore is known for its impressive selection of outdoor brands. With customers at the heart of its operational strategy, the company offers regional online shops in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands, and the UK.

Fit Finder on Ridestore.com

In response to direct customer feedback, Ridestore engaged Fit Analytics to address issues around fit and sizing. David Voge, Content Marketing & French Lead said: 

“Fit Finder helps us create a dialogue with our customers. Although this tool is first thought to find the perfect size for our customers, it is also a pretty powerful acquisition lever. Indeed, it is easier to create a trusting relationship with reassuring tools; it’s also a great way to show that we’re trying our best to go further than most other e-commerces by offering an innovative tool that meets the real needs of our customers. FitFinder and our StyleCreator allow us to digitize the old physical fitting rooms.”

Fit Finder A/B test results for Ridestore

Two months of A/B testing on ridestore.com showed positive impact results in multiple key areas. Shoppers who used Fit Finder showed a 4% higher conversion rate and a 7% lower return rate than customers who used a static size chart. Increased user confidence led to a 4% increase in average order value and an impressive 9% increase in value per visitor when comparing the two groups.

Read the complete Success Story here.

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How Data Can Save Halloween

Still in need of a Halloween costume? Don’t worry – Fit Analytics is here to help!

Fit Analytics’ sizing platform has the largest data set in the industry. We’re watching the hottest trends and can help you create a DIY Halloween costume!

Did you know that leopard print spiked in winter 2018/2019? How about the fact that 2019 saw plaid comeback with a vengeance? From the garment and fit information that Fit Finder collects, we are able to see trends across different metrics from patterns and colors, to styles and garment types. With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few costume ideas based on popular items you probably own. Thanks to Fit Analytics’ data, you don’t have to scramble to find a last minute Halloween look!


Based on the graph below, we can see that the sale of women’s lower body plaid items was almost 40 times higher in fall 2018 than in January 2017.

Graphs showing plaid trends for men and women between 2017 and 2019.

This leads us to believe you might just have a plaid skirt in your closet. If so, here are a few costumes you can create.

  • Scottish dancer
  • Serena van der Woodsen from ‘Gossip Girl’
  • Cher Horowitz from ‘Clueless’
  • Schoolgirl


Graphs showing neon trends for men and women between 2017 and 2019.

Interestingly enough, neon is on the rise – especially for men! This past summer, men bought 30 times more neon upper body items than they did earlier in the year. So fellas, this one is for you!

80s aerobic instructor
  • 80’s aerobic instructor
  • Unicorn


Graphs showing stripes trends for men and women between 2017 and 2019.

Stripes are timeless. You definitely have those. The popularity of stripes ebbs and flows every few months, often coinciding with seasonal collections. We’re confident that you have something striped in your wardrobe. Take a look at the ideas below.

  • Referee
  • Where’s Waldo?
  • Pugsley Addams from ‘Addams Family’
  • Wolf of Wall Street/Business Man


Men and women are riding the same roller coaster when it comes to their interest in turtlenecks. A notorious winter item, we saw a rather large spike in popularity in October and November 2018. If you own a black turtleneck, we have a few good costumes for you.

Comedian costume
  • Old School Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Comedian
  • Steve Jobs


It’s safe to say that tracksuits made a “come back” in a major way this April. Men and women are both loving this trend. Women purchased 120 times more tracksuits in April 2019 than they did that time last year. Men bought 80 times more tracksuits over the same period of time. Did you buy into this trend too? If so, then you can dress up as…

Halloween track suit costume
  • The Royal Tenenbaums – Chas Tenenbaum and his two sons
  • Olympian

Inspired? We are too! This is just the beginning of the deep trends we can see based on the data Fit Finder collects. We work with retailers and brands to not only increase conversions and reduce returns, but to better understand their customers and provide personalized shopping experiences. 

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Introducing Fit Intelligence: Unlock Hidden Revenue

Fit Intelligence is an advanced insights platform offering deep analyses of customer data. Fit Intelligence harnesses the power of machine learning to make Fit Analytics’ partners more profitable.

Prevent Profit Loss with Fit Intelligence

The interactive Fit Intelligence portal translates Fit Finder data into actionable analyses, allowing fashion companies to identify new revenue opportunities. Fit Intelligence unlocks customer demographics and reveals areas for commercial optimization.

The KPI, activity, and demographic reports within Fit Intelligence can be used by various departments including Product, Digital, Ecommerce, and Marketing, to reveal bottom-line boosting insights buried within the data.

Problem Solved = Money Made

An apparel retailer marketing to millennials whose actual clients are centennials is losing money. A fashion brand whose most popular items are out-of-stock is losing money.

Fit Intelligence offers insights to these scenarios and more, offering a wide range of reports spanning Fit Finder’s data.

Size Advice and The Bottom Line

How many customers need help with sizing? Which garment categories have the most size advice requests? What are Fit Finder’s conversion and return rates?

Questions answered by our KPI and activity reports show the positive business impact of Fit Finder. These valuable insights can help digital teams refine their Ecommerce strategies.

Customer Insights

Where are customers from? How old are they? What do they look like?

The demographics collected by Fit Finder are available within Fit Intelligence. With accurate user breakdowns and detailed body modeling data, production and marketing teams can plan better for future collections and campaigns.

Understanding Business Impact

Does inventory reflect purchase biases? What trends does Fit Finder show over time?

Analyses like the ‘Out of Stock’ report show missed sales opportunities resulting from a recommended product being unavailable. Ecommerce teams can now focus their energies on optimizing stock levels for high-impact items instead of scrambling to fix stock-outs.

Analytics That Keep on Giving

Fit Intelligence fit finder users

The data insights within Fit Intelligence grow with Fit Analytics’ partners. Fit Intelligence provides ever increasing value for fashion companies.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs going in depth about various Fit Intelligence reports.

Sell Smarter

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The Apparel Insiders’ Guide to eTail East 2019

eTail East is ramping up to be one of 2019’s hottest industry events on the East Coast. With registration up 35% from last year, it is sure to be an exciting week full of learning, collaboration, and opportunity.

The conference starts on Monday, August 19 with a welcome reception, followed by 3 days full of insightful conversations and inspiring networking events. eTail East promises action packed days featuring keynotes from top retailers and tracks focused on trending industry topics.

Follow our simple three-step guide to take full advantage of your time in Boston.

And don’t forget to visit us at booth #6 in the foyer to test-drive Fit Finder and see how data-driven solutions such as Fit Connect can help you deliver effective personalization while protecting margins.

1. Get a 360 Event Overview with the Conference App

The eTail app provides attendees with live event updates throughout the conference – you won’t have to worry about constantly checking the website or lugging around heavy printed calendars. The app provides you with all essential details including times, locations and session descriptions.

2. Use the Meeting Portal to Secure Appointments Ahead of Time

The eTail meeting portal takes your event networking to the next level. It allows attendees to book onsite meetings with prospects or colleagues prior to arrival. Instead of trying to hunt someone down in a crowd, you can contact them via the app, see their calendar availability and confirm a time to meet while onsite. If you’d like to meet with us, search for ‘Fit Analytics’ in the meeting portal.

3. Don’t Miss Your Favorite Industry Rock Stars

The eTail agenda is packed with innovative thinkers who are defining the future of retail. Here are our top 3 must see events:

eTail East 2019 speakers
  • Tuesday, August 20 (10:00 am to 10:25 am – General Session Room): Omni-Channel Is Table Stakes—What Are You Serving?
    Listen in as c-level executives discuss the best tactics to connect with customers and create a seamless online experience.
  • Wednesday, August 21 (11:15 am to 11:45 am – General Session Room): Fostering Innovation: Rethinking The Omni Organization Today.
    VPs from J. Jill, Macy’s, RXBAR, Dick’s Sporting Goods and Lucidworks sit down to talk about the Omni Organization. Each executive presents a different area of expertise across the omnichannel experience, with focuses on new tech initiatives, personalization, and customer experimentation.
  • Thursday, August 22 (2:05 pm to 2:30 pm – General Session Room): The Retail Tech Stack of the Future.
    Industry thought leaders give their two cents on what to expect when it comes to innovative technology in retail. They’ll discuss their thoughts and predictions around eCommerce elevation, the use of AI in marketing and merchandising, and product testing.

Visit Us at Booth #6 to Find Your Best Fit

Come see us at booth #6 in the foyer for a live demo of Fit Finder and discover more about how solving sizing can help boost your bottom line.

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Independence Day Special: 4 Great American Fashion Brands Who Are Fit for the Fourth

With Independence Day just around the corner, we’d like to present a quick round-up of four iconic apparel companies who Fit Analytics is proud to support on sizing.

Look for Fit Finder while browsing and, once you’ve locked in the perfect fit, be sure to take advantage of the generous seasonal discounts being offered by all these great brands through July 4th and beyond.

1. Tommy Hilfiger

From the heat of July to the depths of December, nobody defines the essence of classic American cool style better than Tommy Hilfiger. Fit Finder’s presence on Tommy shows how perfectly it performs on the world’s leading designer lifestyle brands.

Tommy Hilfiger prepares for summer with an additional 30% off sale.
(image courtesy of usa.tommy.com)

2. The North Face

Sizing is very far from a secondary concern when it comes to performance wear and you won’t find a better size advisor in the outdoors space than Fit Finder. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Check out Fit Finder in action for one of the world’s most renowned outdoors brands.

Shop The North Face’s Summer Sale with up to 30% off. (image courtesy of thenorthface.com)

3. Calvin Klein

Often imitated but never equaled, there are few more iconic brands in the world than Calvin Klein. To get a full feel for how Fit Finder works at scale across a range of apparel categories, take a trip over to Calvin Klein.

Calvin Klein offers up to 60% off for their 4th of July Sale. (image courtesy of calvinklein.us)

4. Nautica

No Independence Day roundup would be complete without a nod to our patriotic friends at Nautica. If you’re after nautical-influenced classic American sportswear, then Nautica – and Fit Finder – have you covered.

Shop Nautica’s patriot apparel with 50% off everything! (image courtesy of nautica.com)

We’re thrilled to support the leading brands mentioned above in delivering the best fit to their customers. We look forward to continuing to help millions of people shop with confidence. Happy 4th of July!

Fit Analytics at VTEX Day: Transform Your Online Margins With Fit Finder

VTEX Day 2019 is just around the corner and we’re looking forward to meeting many current and future Latin American sizing partners in just a few days time in Brazil. Building on the success of past events, VTEX have expanded this year’s Expo Area to handle more than 15,000 attendees over an action-packed two days in São Paulo.

Continue reading “Fit Analytics at VTEX Day: Transform Your Online Margins With Fit Finder”

Fit Analytics no VTEX Day: Transforme suas Margens Online com Fit Finder

O VTEX Day 2019 está chegando e nós estamos na expectativa para conhecer muitos dos atuais e futuros parceiros Latino Americanos no Brasil. Aproveitando o sucesso de eventos passados, o VTEX Day expandiu sua área de exposições neste ano para receber mais de 15,000 participantes em dois dias repleto de atrações em São Paulo.

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The Apparel Insiders’ Guide to Shoptalk 2019

This year’s Shoptalk is set to be the largest retail gathering of the year as more than 8400 attendees from over 3000 companies descend on Las Vegas for an exciting week of insight and opportunity.

With all that action going on, attendees from apparel brands and retailers need to plan their schedules carefully. Follow our simple three-step guide below to narrow down your options and be sure of a successful conference.

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A Successful Cyber Week 2018 for Fit Analytics Sizing Partners

With the annual Cyber Week trading peak safely behind us, it’s time for our traditional post-Black Friday breakdown of how we helped the world’s best fashion companies solve sizing during the busiest part of the retail year.

Even by the busy standards of last year, 2018 has been something special – Black Friday page views for Fit Finder have more than doubled to 543M+. Continue reading “A Successful Cyber Week 2018 for Fit Analytics Sizing Partners”