Fit Analytics Partner News: Late-Summer 2017 Edition

We take a keen interest in partner success at Fit Analytics and are always on the lookout for interesting news from leading brands and retailers who we help solve sizing and sell smarter. From luxury to outdoors, fast fashion to lifestyle, there’s always something new and exciting going on, and this summer has certainly been no exception.

Let’s take a quick look back at three of the main trends we’ve seen from our major sizing partners over the last few summer months. Continue reading “Fit Analytics Partner News: Late-Summer 2017 Edition”

The Inside Track on Athleisure: 5 Trends to Watch out for in 2018

Once a fashion trend officially makes it into the dictionary it’s definitely more than a passing fad, and athleisure looks like a product category that (despite recent doom-mongering) is set to thrive for years to come. We’ve been providing fit recommendations for an ever-increasing range of athleisure items over the last eighteen months, and look forward to that volume growing considerably down the line as more and more brands and retailers enter the space.

As a relatively recent apparel phenomenon, the future of athleisure remains wide open. We’re still very much in a growth phase where innovation and exploration are the name of the game as the market develops. With all that in mind, let’s have a look at five key athleisure trends to keep an eye on going into 2018 and beyond. Continue reading “The Inside Track on Athleisure: 5 Trends to Watch out for in 2018”

Why Fast Fashion Giants Such as ASOS Trust Fit Analytics to Solve Sizing at Scale

If there’s one trend that’s revolutionized the apparel industry more than any other over the last two decades, it’s the rise of fast fashion worldwide. The movement’s speed to market, affordability, and commitment to logistical excellence has overturned long-standing truisms throughout the industry and turned companies such as Inditex, ASOS, H&M, and Forever 21 into global giants.

Sizing is a core concern for fast fashion firms as they work to close the gap between what customers want and when they can have it. Here at Fit Analytics, we’re proud to support ASOS in providing a better fit to millions of customers worldwide. Continue reading “Why Fast Fashion Giants Such as ASOS Trust Fit Analytics to Solve Sizing at Scale”

Five Menswear Style Trends to Look Forward to in Spring/Summer 2018

As part of helping brands provide a perfect fit to shoppers, we like to keep up to speed with the latest collections shaping fashion’s future worldwide. With that in mind, here’s our take on five key trends from last month’s Spring/Summer 2018 men’s fashion week which should start hitting stores next year.

Let’s start with a noticeable demographic trend. Continue reading “Five Menswear Style Trends to Look Forward to in Spring/Summer 2018”

How Solving Sizing Delivered a 6.23% Increase in Net Sales for Alpha Industries

As one of America’s most beloved military heritage brands, Alpha Industries has been designing and manufacturing high-performance outerwear to highly demanding specifications for over 75 years. So, when they came to us for help with delivering a better fit to customers, we knew expectations were high and that we’d have to demonstrate our size advisor’s impact with real numbers straight out of the gate.

Alpha Industries already provided a highly optimized e-commerce experience to shoppers prior to partnering with us – particularly in the area of returns management. Our mission was to prove sizing as an area that could unlock extra sales revenue across a finely-tuned product range and online offering. Continue reading “How Solving Sizing Delivered a 6.23% Increase in Net Sales for Alpha Industries”

3 Reasons Why Amazon Prime Day Is Bad News for the Apparel Industry

Three years into its existence, Amazon Prime Day is good news for shoppers worldwide, but the implications of its success for traditional apparel brands and retailers look increasingly worrying.

As Prime Day puts a hole in wallets worldwide, we take a look at three key reasons why the fashion industry should be watching on with concern rather than admiration. Continue reading “3 Reasons Why Amazon Prime Day Is Bad News for the Apparel Industry”

Tech Hubs and Innovation Labs: Short-Lived Follies or a Bridge to Fashion’s Future?

The recent announcement of a 70,000 square foot tech hub in London by Yoox Net-a-Porter has put the subject of innovation and data-driven R&D firmly on the fashion agenda. It’s part of a wider €500 million investment by YNAP showing that logistics and technology are starting to be taken very seriously indeed by leading luxury players.

Across apparel, meanwhile, each passing week brings a slew of stories around innovation labs and reimagined retail environments, all promising a better tomorrow for the industry and consumers. Reality, however, often falls short of expectations.

Against that background, let’s look at two key points apparel brands and retailers should keep in mind when planning their overall innovation strategy. Continue reading “Tech Hubs and Innovation Labs: Short-Lived Follies or a Bridge to Fashion’s Future?”

4 Key Questions Raised by Amazon’s Apparel Ambitions

With the scale of Amazon’s apparel ambitions becoming clearer every week, now is an excellent time to look at four key questions its ongoing initiatives pose for everyone in the fashion industry.

1. Are You a Day One or a Day Two Company?

One of the hallmarks of Jeff Bezos’ success to date is the start-up spirit he’s managed to maintain across a global company with a headcount in the tens of thousands. It’s a mindset built around a no-holds-barred approach to employee expectations and a relentless focus on positive customer outcomes. Continue reading “4 Key Questions Raised by Amazon’s Apparel Ambitions”

Fashion That Fits for the 4th of July

Let’s get the congratulations out of the way first – happy birthday America!

4th of July sparklers
Happy 241st!

In what’s been a challenging year for retail, Independence Day arrives just in time to put some much needed pep in the step of consumer confidence on and offline. All across apparel, brands and retailers are putting their best foot forward with sensational sales designed to make the most of the three-day weekend.

As Deal News point out, it’s a great opportunity for shoppers to snag a bargain on summer deals (and end of season offerings) from some of the biggest names in the business. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide to some of the standout offers available from across our network of sizing partners. Continue reading “Fashion That Fits for the 4th of July”

2017 eTail West Preview: The Best of Day Three

With several action-packed days already behind them, eTail West’s day three agenda gives attendees a little bit more room to breathe with just two tracks to choose from in the afternoon and an early close. There are still plenty of great talks to look forward to, however, as the focus moving to two themes close to the apparel industry’s heart – social and mobile. Continue reading “2017 eTail West Preview: The Best of Day Three”