3 Ways Apparel Companies Can Beat Amazon

In this article, we will cover 3 key areas apparel companies can address to strengthen their position against Amazon.

Amazon has caused great uncertainty for the apparel industry. Just when the coast seems clear, another article pops up about the company’s next apparel innovation. With 100+ in-house brands, and services like Amazon Prime Wardrobe and a new virtual fitting room, Amazon gains more traction as a formidable competitor for fashion brands. In the face of COVID-19, the company has even been rumored to be the future savior of luxury, and the possible new owner of bankrupt JCPenney.

Luckily for apparel companies, there is still ample room for fashion retailers to differentiate themselves from Amazon and strengthen their own niche in the fashion world.

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What, Why, How, and When: The Omnichannel Experience

The retail industry is at a watershed moment. Retailers have been adopting online experiences for the in-store shopper for years. But now, as stores reopen during a global pandemic, there is the critical need to have a strong omnichannel strategy.

What is an Omnichannel Experience? 

Omnichannel retail connects and extends the shoppers’ experience from the e-commerce site, native app, in-store, and any other touchpoint so the experience is seamless across all channels – shoppers may even utilize multiple channels simultaneously. 

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Stay-at-Home Summer 2020 Trends

Summer 2020 trends are changing due to the effects of COVID-19. Shopping patterns are shifting and conversions for key summer items have declined.

Summer 2020 is expected to be unlike any summer we’ve experienced. With stay-at-home orders still in place for some locations and summer trips being canceled due to COVID-19, it’s no surprise that shopping trends have shifted this year. 

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COVID-19: The Impact on Global Buyer Behavior Follow-up

As a follow up to our latest e-book, we analyzed the data in the first half of Q2 2020 to bring you updated insights on the effects of COVID-19 on the retail industry.

In our recent e-book, COVID-19: The Impact on Global Buyer Behavior, we reported on the 27% increase of first quarter purchases (January 2020 – March 2020), but also noted that we saw a downtrend in purchases as the pandemic unfolded and uncertainty was on the rise with stay-at-home orders. Since our last e-book, the rules towards social distancing have pivoted from complete lock-down to a slightly more relaxed, but still ‘socially distant normal’. Consequently, we felt it imperative to follow-up on how the apparel retail landscape has continued to evolve to safely support shoppers. 

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COVID-19: The Impact on Global Buyer Behavior

Our eBook shares key insights on the impact COVID-19 has on e-commerce consumer behavior.

It’s no secret that COVID-19 has affected everyday life for individuals around the world. People and businesses are adjusting to a new normal unlike anything they’ve experienced in the past. With non-essential businesses being forced to close their doors and stay-at-home orders in place until at least the end of April, consumers are turning to online shopping to fulfill their needs. 

We found that buyer behavior has changed in different ways globally. Retailers, in general, experienced a surge in online purchases in the first quarter of 2020, even with the spread of the pandemic. 

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4 E-commerce Trends Retailers Need in 2020

New technologies in the apparel e-commerce space continue to evolve on a regular basis. We’ve sourced 4 of the hottest technologies to fuel growth online.

There is a hot spot in e-commerce innovation – and it’s apparel. These days, customers expect to interact with products in a variety of ways, on and offline. From smartphone inspiration to AI personalization, we selected four of the hottest e-commerce tech trends we think apparel and footwear retailers should use in 2020.

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The Ins and Outs from a Successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How Machine Learning Delivered 355 Million Size Recommendations in 5 Days.

The trends across retail and e-commerce continue to evolve every year. After a busy week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, changes in the industry became even more clear. This year brick and mortar retailers saw a steady decline in foot traffic. Customers turned to online shopping – through both mobile and desktop. Purchases through mobile devices saw a 21% increase from last year. Mobile accounted for 39% of all e-commerce sales – totaling $2.9 billion in sales from smartphones alone (source: Retail Dive). According to the Shopify Plus Fashion Industry Report, retailers are driving growth through machine learning, artificial intelligence, and personalized customer experiences.

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A Successful Cyber Week 2018 for Fit Analytics Sizing Partners

With the annual Cyber Week trading peak safely behind us, it’s time for our traditional post-Black Friday breakdown of how we helped the world’s best fashion companies solve sizing during the busiest part of the retail year.

Even by the busy standards of last year, 2018 has been something special – Black Friday page views for Fit Finder have more than doubled to 543M+. Continue reading “A Successful Cyber Week 2018 for Fit Analytics Sizing Partners”

Cyber Week Sizing at Scale from Fit Analytics

Black Friday and Cyber Monday aren’t just bargain bonanzas for shoppers each year, they’re also anxious days for the e-commerce teams charged with keeping the whole show on the road. With the sheer volume of online sales taking place during these crucial few days, the slightest mistake can make all the difference between a good year and a great year. Continue reading “Cyber Week Sizing at Scale from Fit Analytics”

5 Key Takeaways From comScore’s Q3 State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy Report

As a data-driven company, we’re always on the lookout for online retail reports which can help shine a light on wider e-commerce trends for both ourselves and partners throughout the year. Though the amount of industry research and analysis out there has never been greater, it’s not always easy finding sources of info you can trust.

One publisher whose output we find ourselves returning to time and again is comScore. The US media giant pumps out a stream of region-specific online retail data throughout the year, and is always worth turning to for wider context on online spend.

As we face into the holiday season in earnest, comScore’s ongoing series of quarterly reports into the U.S. online retail economy is a particularly useful data source to have available. In this piece, we’ll pick through their recently published Q3 report to highlight five key points that should be of interest to anyone working in online apparel. Continue reading “5 Key Takeaways From comScore’s Q3 State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy Report”