4 Simple Steps to a Perfect Fit on Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals

As everyone in apparel knows, there are two days which matter more than most in the retail calendar – Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Taken together, these twin spending peaks have the potential to make or break the financial year for apparel brands and retailers worldwide.

There’s also pressure on shoppers at this time of year – planning a spending splurge can be tricky with so many great offers to choose from. To start festivities off on the right foot, let’s have a quick look at how to track down the best online deals, and highlight some unmissable offers from our sizing partners along the way. Continue reading “4 Simple Steps to a Perfect Fit on Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals”

Fit Analytics Partner News: Late-Summer 2017 Edition

We take a keen interest in partner success at Fit Analytics and are always on the lookout for interesting news from leading brands and retailers who we help solve sizing and sell smarter. From luxury to outdoors, fast fashion to lifestyle, there’s always something new and exciting going on, and this summer has certainly been no exception.

Let’s take a quick look back at three of the main trends we’ve seen from our major sizing partners over the last few summer months. Continue reading “Fit Analytics Partner News: Late-Summer 2017 Edition”

Five Menswear Style Trends to Look Forward to in Spring/Summer 2018

As part of helping brands provide a perfect fit to shoppers, we like to keep up to speed with the latest collections shaping fashion’s future worldwide. With that in mind, here’s our take on five key trends from last month’s Spring/Summer 2018 men’s fashion week which should start hitting stores next year.

Let’s start with a noticeable demographic trend. Continue reading “Five Menswear Style Trends to Look Forward to in Spring/Summer 2018”

How Solving Sizing Delivered a 6.23% Increase in Net Sales for Alpha Industries

As one of America’s most beloved military heritage brands, Alpha Industries has been designing and manufacturing high-performance outerwear to highly demanding specifications for over 75 years. So, when they came to us for help with delivering a better fit to customers, we knew expectations were high and that we’d have to demonstrate our size advisor’s impact with real numbers straight out of the gate.

Alpha Industries already provided a highly optimized e-commerce experience to shoppers prior to partnering with us – particularly in the area of returns management. Our mission was to prove sizing as an area that could unlock extra sales revenue across a finely-tuned product range and online offering. Continue reading “How Solving Sizing Delivered a 6.23% Increase in Net Sales for Alpha Industries”

Fashion That Fits for the 4th of July

Let’s get the congratulations out of the way first – happy birthday America!

4th of July sparklers
Happy 241st!

In what’s been a challenging year for retail, Independence Day arrives just in time to put some much needed pep in the step of consumer confidence on and offline. All across apparel, brands and retailers are putting their best foot forward with sensational sales designed to make the most of the three-day weekend.

As Deal News point out, it’s a great opportunity for shoppers to snag a bargain on summer deals (and end of season offerings) from some of the biggest names in the business. With that in mind, we’ve put together a quick guide to some of the standout offers available from across our network of sizing partners. Continue reading “Fashion That Fits for the 4th of July”