Cosmos Sport Partners with Fit Analytics to Bring the Best Fit to Greek Sports Enthusiasts

Fit Analytics is live with Cosmos Sport
We are excited to announce that Greece’s leading sports retailer, Cosmos Sport, has partnered with Fit Analytics to reimagine the omnichannel shopping experience for its customers with Fit Finder.

Cosmos Sport was founded in Greece in 1982 and operates 49 brick and mortar locations. The retailer is the region’s leading sports-ecommerce shop with over 50% of its business online in 2020. Cosmos Sport has 4 omnichannel retail brands: Cosmos Sport, Sneaker10, Slam Dunk, and Sportsfactory, all covering a wide range of sporting good verticals. 

As the No. 1 Greek branded retailer for sporting goods, Cosmos Sport is passionate about supporting people in their athletic pursuits of body and mind. Cosmos believes in holistic fitness, inspired by all-day activities such as running, training, basketball, calisthenics, gymnastics, yoga and trail-sports. The company supports the greater community of fitness enthusiasts who have a passion for balanced living, healthy nutrition, and the pursuit of lifestyle freedom.

“Cosmos Sport is motivated by our customers’ enthusiasm and desire to live their best sports life. We are deeply committed to delivering exciting, organic shopping experiences to our clientele. As a company, we are dedicated to making a difference in the omnichannel space by driving innovation. Providing our customers with a sizing solution was the logical next step in our omnichannel strategy and we look forward to a long, innovative future with Fit Analytics.” 

Nikos Varvadoukas, Chief Omnichannel Officer

In addition to its most recent tech innovations, including the adaptation of sizing technology across all channels, Cosmos Sport has a golden track record as an e-commerce innovator. The company was distinguished for two years as a  “Growth Driver” of the Greek e-conomy. In addition, its online shop – – was awarded the “e-volution Award” for 8 years in a row. In 2018 Cosmos Sport won an impressive 6 awards, including 2 Platinum Awards in Customer Experience & Omnichannel Marketing and in 2020 Best eCommerce Shop in Greece.

“We are excited to partner with Cosmos Sport to solve sizing for Greek consumers. As the regional leader in omnichannel, Cosmos is committed to adding benefit to the consumer – not only through an impressive product offering, but from the retailer’s dedication to cutting-edge technological innovation. Cosmos Sport is changing the way omnichannel is done in the region – and Fit Analytics is honored to be a key partner in Cosmos’ e-commerce strategy.”

– Sebastian Schulze, Founder and CEO,  Fit Analytics

Cosmos Sport is dedicated to bringing sizing technology to the greater Greek and Cyprus markets. Fit Analytics is honored to join forces with Cosmos to help customers find their perfect fit.

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