Find Your Fit with Fit Finder – An Interview with Dan Mayer, Head of Product

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Dan Mayer, Head of Product at Fit Analytics
Fit Analytics’ Head of Product, Dan Mayer, explains how Fit Finder takes the guesswork out of finding the perfect size online.

Launched in 2013, Fit Finder was created to help find your fit. The intuitive size advisor tool is powered by the most advanced machine learning algorithms in the business and the industry’s biggest data set.

Bridging the gap between in-store and online shopping, Fit Finder provides customers with the requisite confidence needed to find the right size and fit every time, without ever stepping foot inside a store.

Fit Analytics’ Head of Product, Dan Mayer, gives a deeper insight into Fit Finder and reveals how the tool can evolve in the future.

How would you describe Fit Finder?

An intuitive, easy-to-use size advisor that recommends the right size for apparel shoppers. Fit Finder helps to find your fit by asking the user a series of questions related to sizing— such as height, weight, body shape— and then compares the user to other, similar shoppers. By analyzing the sales data associated with those other shoppers— what size they bought, and whether they returned it— Fit Finder is able to leverage the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ to recommend the right size. We use an advanced machine learning framework to train Fit Finder’s sizing predictions, so the solution becomes smarter and more accurate with every recommendation it makes.

How does Fit Finder allow you to find your perfect fit and solve retail’s sizing issue?

Fit Finder draws on machine learning algorithms and the industry’s largest database to take the guesswork out of shopping online. Every shopper who uses Fit Finder is cross-referenced against a network of millions of shoppers to accurately determine their best size and fit.

When a brand wants to incorporate the online size advisory tool – what does the integration process entail?

We’ve simplified the integration process down to two lines of code that our partners paste into their store pages: one on the Product Detail Page (PDP) and the other on the Order Confirmation Page (OCP). Integrating with Fit Analytics is as easy as adding these two code snippets and providing us with a standard Product Feed and Returns Feed.

How can a retailer track what kind of impact Fit Finder is making to their business?

Fit Analytics conducts an A/B test with new clients to measure the positive impact we are having on their business bottom line. After the initial A/B test period, our partners can track the performance and impact of Fit Finder through a set of online reports offered as part of our Fit Intelligence dashboard.

For the customer, how user-friendly is Fit Finder?

Fit Finder gets high marks on engagement, completion rate, and ease-of-use. Once a user interacts with Fit Finder and completes the first screen, subsequent body-question screens appear. Each screen has a drop-out rate of less than 3%. In a recent independent evaluation of Fit Finder versus a leading competitor, 90% of respondents preferred Fit Finder for its user experience.

Fit Finder Online Size Tool

Are Fit Finder’s size recommendations always 100% accurate?

No sizing tool is 100% accurate but, as usual, the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ is the most accurate approach. By basing our recommendations on the purchases and returns of millions of other shoppers, we are able to provide recommendations that consistently outperform rival solutions and conventional “size chart” pages.

Which partner success story would you like to share?

We’ve been fortunate to work with more than 150 stores across six continents. Of these engagements, our partnership with Foot Locker EU is one of the success stories that jumps to mind. Rapidly integrating with Foot Locker EU and its two partner-stores, SIDESTEP and Runners Point, across all their European locales, we were able to deliver a relative conversion rate boost of 3.38% for Foot Locker EU, 13.04% for SIDESTEP, and 5.82% for Runners Point.

Our impact in reducing returns was even more impressive: 13.55% for Foot Locker EU, 6.61% for SIDESTEP, and 7.39% for Runners Point. Foot Locker EU was also the first site to launch our Multiple Size Flag, an additional feature that significantly reduces the incidence of multi-size orders by prompting shoppers to use Fit Finder in place of adding multiple sizes to their cart.

How do you see Fit Finder evolving in the future?

We are continually expanding Fit Finder’s coverage to include new clothing categories: we recently launched Bra Finder with Marks & Spencer, and expect to lead Fit Finder into new market segments in the future. We have also released a backend API that allows our clients to create their own front-end implementations of Fit Finder, and are excited to see what they come up with.

What other kinds of size and fit solutions can we expect from Fit Analytics in the future?

We are focused on moving Fit Analytics technology to earlier points in the shopping journey: to the ‘discovery’ phase, on category and product listing pages, where the shopper is deciding what products to purchase. We envision a shopping experience that is curated by Fit Analytics, where the shopper is directed from the outset towards products that will fit, are in stock in the right size, and are suited to their tastes and preferences. A few of our partners are already using our API implementation (called “Fit Connect”) to extend the Fit Analytics benefit to other pages on their site that are “upstream” in the shopping experience.

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