Fit Connect Personalizes Online Shopping – An Interview with Client Success Partner, Melissa Lowe

Melissa Lowe, Client Partner
Melissa Lowe, Client Partner North America
Fit Analytics’ Client Partner, North America, Melissa Lowe, explains what Fit Connect is and how retailers can utilize it to personalize their online shopping experience.

Fit Analytics launched in 2010 as a webcam-based body modeling service that allowed users to create a personalized fit profile using a laptop and a CD as a reference item. Since then, the company has evolved its core product, Fit Finder, to provide size recommendations powered by machine learning. With the implementation of Fit Finder, retailers and brands have access to a wider range of products from Fit Analytics, including our API-driven personalization solution, Fit Connect. 

Fit Analytics’ Client Partner, North America, Melissa Lowe, talks more about Fit Connect and how it can be leveraged to benefit shoppers and retailers. 

How would you describe Fit Connect?

Fit Connect is Fit Analytics’ recommendation API that delivers on-demand sizing and style data at any point along the shopping journey. Fit Connect personalizes the Product List Page based on items that will fit your customer – this is an industry first. By using the data that we’ve gathered through your customers’ use of Fit Finder, purchase and return data, and click journeys, you’ll be able to produce a high converting user journey with Product List Pages based on fit and preference. 

Fit Connect is an extension of Fit Finder. Retailers are also able to ask customers to enter their information on specific category pages – like tops, bottoms, or dresses – to increase user engagement and provide size and style recommendations earlier in the shopping journey.

How is Fit Connect used to personalize the online shopping experience?

Whether or not an item fits a shopper is vital to the success of their journey. So why wait until so far into the funnel to introduce sizing? Searching through products only to find something they like that is not stocked in the customers’ size creates a poor experience. 

Fit Connect allows retailers to show products that are available in the shopper’s size, which creates an overall better experience. This is primarily because it eliminates the possibility of customers being disappointed when they get to a Product Detail Page to discover the item they want isn’t in stock. 

What is the customer journey like when using Fit Connect?

If a shopper has previously engaged with Fit Finder on a Product Detail Page, the Fit Connect experience is automatically enabled and delivered to the shopper in a seamless way. New users also have the option to onboard from Product List Pages or you can even onboard from email campaigns. 

Using Fit Connect leads shoppers to better products that match their style and fit preferences. The overall customer journey is a seamless experience that shoppers benefit from without added effort. The shopping journey is tailored to the individual customer which results in shoppers being shown items that are in stock and will fit them well.

Fit Connect by Fit Analytics

How easy is it for a consumer to use Fit Connect?

The process is extremely easy. I wouldn’t necessarily say that a customer “uses” Fit Connect – instead the user engages with Fit Finder and then benefits from the personalized shopping journey that Fit Connect creates. The cool thing about Fit Connect is that it’s an extension of the data already collected about that user and look-alike users. It’s a very smooth experience that many users benefit from without even knowing it. There are no additional steps required on behalf of the shopper. 

What is the process to integrate Fit Connect on a retailer’s site?

First and foremost, a retailer must have Fit Finder implemented on their website before having access to Fit Connect. Because every retailer’s personalization and e-commerce strategy differs, Fit Connect will be implemented by your development team or agency with assistance from our team of experts to help guide key decisions that will drive the most impact for your customer. 

In order to get started, we have an intro call to our API documentation with the retailer’s development team. From there, we build the project out based on the desired timeline and capacity of your team. Retailers will always have the support of our team during the integration process.

Why should a retailer add Fit Connect to their website?

Using Fit Finder as your sizing tool is a big step towards personalization and providing useful tools for your customers. With the integration work of Fit Finder behind you, adding Fit Connect is a relatively quick lift that will leverage our best-in-class machine learning algorithms to further your personalization capabilities, and thus provide better customer experiences that drive value to your bottom line.

Any retailers using Fit Finder have the option to add Fit Connect to their website. We’ve seen added benefits to average order value, add-to-cart rate, and overall conversion rate after Fit Connect is implemented.  

How do you see Fit Connect evolving in the future?

Moving forward, we believe that customers will expect automatic filtering and serving of relevant products. Now more than ever, the way that customers shop online is evolving. If consumers are not shown relevant products at the beginning of their shopping journey, they will likely abandon the page. Fit Connect will continue to improve the Product and Category List Pages to create a super-personalized shopping experience that customers won’t forget. I see Fit Connect becoming the new normal for shopping in the future. 

How does utilizing Fit Analytics’ API help retailers?

Fit Analytics’ API adds the crucial element of size to the customer dataset. Our style recommender algorithm and returns reducer algorithm provide additional metrics to optimize the sorting of your Category and Product List Pages. With this data in mind, retailers can promote items that are stylistically relevant while demoting items likely to be returned.

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