Introducing Fit Intelligence: Unlock Hidden Revenue

Fit Intelligence is an advanced insights platform offering deep analyses of customer data. Fit Intelligence harnesses the power of machine learning to make Fit Analytics’ partners more profitable.

Prevent Profit Loss with Fit Intelligence

The interactive Fit Intelligence portal translates Fit Finder data into actionable analyses, allowing fashion companies to identify new revenue opportunities. It unlocks customer demographics and reveals areas for commercial optimization.

The KPI, activity, and demographic reports within Fit Intelligence can be used by various departments including Product, Digital, Ecommerce, and Marketing, to reveal bottom-line boosting insights buried within the data.

Problem Solved = Money Made

An apparel retailer marketing to millennials whose actual clients are centennials is losing money. A fashion brand whose most popular items are out-of-stock is losing money.

Fit Intelligence offers insights to these scenarios and more, offering a wide range of reports spanning Fit Finder’s data.

Size Advice and The Bottom Line

How many customers need help with sizing? Which garment categories have the most size advice requests? What are Fit Finder’s conversion and return rates?

Questions answered by our KPI and activity reports show the positive business impact of Fit Finder. These valuable insights can help digital teams refine their Ecommerce strategies.

Customer Insights

Where are customers from? How old are they? What do they look like?

The demographics collected by Fit Finder are available within Fit Intelligence. With accurate user breakdowns and detailed body modeling data, production and marketing teams can plan better for future collections and campaigns.

Understanding Business Impact

Does inventory reflect purchase biases? What trends does Fit Finder show over time?

Analyses like the ‘Out of Stock’ report show missed sales opportunities resulting from a recommended product being unavailable. Ecommerce teams can now focus their energies on optimizing stock levels for high-impact items instead of scrambling to fix stock-outs.

Analytics That Keep on Giving

Fit Intelligence fit finder users

The data insights within Fit Intelligence grow with Fit Analytics’ partners. It provides ever increasing value for fashion companies.

Stay tuned for upcoming blogs going in depth about various reports.

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