Pandemic Black Friday Results for the Books

Fit Analytics had another successful Cyber Week, delivering over 511 million size recommendations. In this post, we discuss our Black Friday and Cyber Week results amidst the pandemic.

A previous version of the blog was published stating: the total page views increased by 169%; the peak Black Friday page views increased by 158%; and 200 countries were served – this has since been corrected.

This year’s Cyber Week – the five days spanning from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday – was expected to be different from previous years. Consequently, it wasn’t a shock when several big-box retailers announced that their doors would be shut on Thanksgiving Day in an effort to prevent large crowds. Other stores which remained open, anticipated fewer shoppers because of social distancing measures. 

Due to store closures and the forecast of reduced foot traffic on Black Friday, retailers started preparing in advance for the busiest shopping week of the year. Rather than running one to two day sales, companies launched their promotions at the beginning of November. In addition, the rush to bag this year’s best deals was spread out over a full month, rather than the normal two to five day period.  

Online Shopping Predictions

With this in mind, we wondered what online shopping might look like this year. Even though some brick-and-mortar stores were closed on one of the busiest shopping days in history, we expected to see a significant decrease in foot traffic for those that were open due to stay-at-home orders and other COVID-19 regulations. 

Store Closures

According to the Wall Street Journal, in-store shopping was down 50% on Black Friday compared to last year. However, online spending increased by 22% from 2019, making it the second-best online shopping day ever.

Fit Analytics Data from Cyber Week

Our Fit Finder data aligns with these projections and we are pleased to share our results from another successful Cyber Week. Over the five-day period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday, Fit Finder provided over 511 million size recommendations – up 43% from last year.

Shoppers who sought size advice with Fit Finder completed 25% more purchases compared to last year. 

But it doesn’t stop there! We have even more Fit Finder results from Cyber Week 2020:

  • On Black Friday alone, Fit Finder provided over 140 million size recommendations.
  • Fit Finder served 173 countries, with an addition of 43 countries this year.
  • 4.7 billion page views over the five days, up 70% from last year.
  • The peak page views was on Black Friday, with 1.2 billion page views – up 58% year-over-year.
  • Fit Finder recorded more than 37 million purchases of supported products – a 59% increase over last year.
  • Thanksgiving Day purchases were up 70% compared to last year.
  • The number of Fit Finder users increased by 27% from 2019.

For more insights, check out our Black Friday results from 2019. If you’re ready to see how Fit Finder can help improve your bottom line. Get in touch today!

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