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A two-month A/B test with Fit Finder showed positive results for Swedish outdoor retailer Ridestore. Customers using Fit Finder showed a 9% increase in value per visitor and a 4% increase in conversion rate.

Everyday explorers need extraordinary gear – Ridestore is where they go to get it. Founded in Sweden over 10 years ago, Ridestore is known for its impressive selection of outdoor brands. With customers at the heart of its operational strategy, the company offers regional online shops in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands, and the UK.

Fit Finder on Ridestore.com

In response to direct customer feedback, Ridestore engaged Fit Analytics to address issues around fit and sizing. David Voge, Content Marketing & French Lead said: 

“Fit Finder helps us create a dialogue with our customers. Although this tool is first thought to find the perfect size for our customers, it is also a pretty powerful acquisition lever. Indeed, it is easier to create a trusting relationship with reassuring tools; it’s also a great way to show that we’re trying our best to go further than most other e-commerces by offering an innovative tool that meets the real needs of our customers. FitFinder and our StyleCreator allow us to digitize the old physical fitting rooms.”

Fit Finder A/B test results for Ridestore

Two months of A/B testing on ridestore.com showed positive impact results in multiple key areas. Shoppers who used Fit Finder showed a 4% higher conversion rate and a 7% lower return rate than customers who used a static size chart. Increased user confidence led to a 4% increase in average order value and an impressive 9% increase in value per visitor when comparing the two groups.

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