Ridestore Provides North American Outdoor Shoppers with the Best Size Advice for Brand Dope Snow

Two women wearing Dopesnow ski jackets
A Fit Analytics partner since 2015, international outdoor retailer Ridestore brings its unique brands to outdoor enthusiasts around the world.

Founded in a spare bedroom in Sweden back in 2006, Ridestore has become synonymous with awesome outdoor apparel. The company is known for its impressive selection of brands, including its two sought after in-house brands, Dope Snow and Montec. With customers at the heart of its operational strategy, the company offers regional online shops in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, The Netherlands, the UK, and most recently the USA, and Canada.

Dope Snow Expands into North America

In November 2020, Ridestore entered a new, expansive chapter of its business. The brand announced that it secured the ‘Dope’ clothing trademark in North America, opening up a whole new presence in the USA and Canada. As a long-standing Fit Analytics partner, the brand was prepared to enter the new market with a robust sizing solution that was ready to serve the North American market. On Ridestore’s relationship with Fit Analytics, CEO Linus Hellberg said:

Ridestore CEO Linus Hellberg Quote

Ridestore has always taken customer feedback to heart and used it to provide the best online shopping experience possible. As the company grew, it was important to take the guess work out of choosing the right size for its customers. Ridestore chose Fit Finder in order to offer the same great service to clients in all regions.

Fit Finder’s Positive Impact for Ridestore

Responding directly to customer feedback, Ridestore engaged Fit Analytics to address issues around fit and sizing. AB testing on Ridestore’s website showed that shoppers using Fit Finder had a 4% higher conversion rate than shoppers viewing a static size chart. Those same shoppers had a 7% lower return rate than customers who used a static size chart. Increased user confidence led to a 4% increase in average order value and an impressive 9% increase in value per visitor when comparing the two groups.

Driving Ecommerce Forward with Tech

Ridestore continues to work closely with Fit Analytics to ensure customers have the best experience possible. On the dynamic relationship with Fit Analytics, Client Partner Kamil Marcinkiewicz said,

Fit Analytics Client Partner Kamil Marcinkiewicz

“I work with Ridestore’s CEO, Linus, on a regular basis and I have been really impressed by his innovative, tech-forward nature. He has a strong vision for how an e-commerce shop should look and fully embraces available technologies. Under Linus’ guidance, Ridestore prioritizes an enjoyable, engaged experience for the customer. The retailer is very ‘future forward’ – truly inspiring.”

For those of us at Fit Analytics, it’s exciting to see our partners grow with the cutting edge technologies available. Ridestore continues to bring new trends to the outdoor apparel market – and we are exited to be a continued part of Ridestore’s ecommerce journey.

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