The Apparel Insiders’ Guide to 2017 in Los Angeles

Fit Analytics 2017 Los Angeles

The National Retail Federation’s is firmly established as one of the highlights of the retail calendar and we’re delighted to be making the trip to Los Angeles for this year’s event. 2017 takes place in the spacious surroundings of the L.A. Convention Center and, just as in previous years, it’s a multi-track affair. In order to get the most bang for your conference buck, you’ll need to carefully scour the agenda to pick the best talks to attend when you’re not busy connecting on the conference floor.

Our focus, as ever, will be on all things apparel and sizing-related so we’ve put together a quick insiders’ guide to the best talks from a fashion and fit perspective.

Day One is a somewhat exclusive affair with the majority of events outside the official evening opening being invite-only. If you’ve got some time to kill before the main event kicks off, we recommend our last-minute guide to resources. Otherwise, read on for our selection of talks not to miss this year.

Shop.Org 2017 Day Two: Hollywood Glamor and the Consumer Question

Tyra banks 2017The morning keynote session plays heavily to host city L.A.’s strengths as the worlds of high fashion and Hollywood meet.

Tyra Banks and Michael White (of Disney) are joined by L.A. mayor Eric Garcetti to tackle the topic of transformation. That’s a subject that’s sure to resonate with many attendees against a backdrop of huge disruptive change throughout online and offline retail this year.

The remainder of Day Two sees a strong focus on the ever-changing nature of modern consumers and how best to engage with them. Here’s our pick of the talks.

10:15am | Breakout Stage 2 | 7.5 Billion Bosses: Consumers Are in Charge Now

Trend expert Kate Ancketill takes a deep dive into macro consumer trends with a little help from the NRF’s own consumer research.

1:00pm | Tech Talk Stage 4 | Out-Personalizing Amazon

Personalization and the looming Amazon threat have been huge topics in the world of apparel recently so it will be intriguing to see how this talk from Monica Deretich of TechStyle Fashion Group tackles them together. Given the role our own Fit Finder plays in helping firms get closer to customers, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

2:30pm | Breakout Stage 2 | Not Just Mini-Millenials: What Makes Gen Z Unique

While Millennials are still top of mind for most apparel e-commerce execs, the next generation of consumers is rapidly coming online. Dan Coates of YPulse brings the demographic insight to this session while Chad Kessler of American Eagle shares the top-level brand perspective.

Shop.Org 2017 Day Three: Data and Digital Dominate

Kobe Bryant 2017The showpiece of’s final day is undoubtedly the post-lunch Creative Conversations session hosted by Nike’s Heidi O’Neill and featuring none other than local L.A. legend Kobe Bryant.

The rest of the day’s agenda is dominated by slightly less glamorous concerns as the focus switches to the challenges of data and digital. Here’s our pick of the sessions.

9.30am | Breakout Stage 2 | How Kohl’s Is Increasing Conversion and Elevating Customer Experience

Following on from a tough year for department stores generally, it’ll be fascinating to get an inside view on how one of America’s most venerable retail outfits is embracing the challenge of digital to transform customer experience in a truly omnichannel environment. Persistent rumours of a late-breaking Amazon bid for Kohl’s add a little extra spice here too.

10am | Tech Talk Stage 1 | Machine-Learning – Infusing AI into Commerce

As a company with advanced machine learning capabilities at the core of our operations, this is a subject close to our hearts. It’ll be interesting to see which direction Dave Barrowman of Skava takes things in this twenty-minute tech talk.

1.15pm | Feature Stage | Is Your Company Future Fit?

After the technical deep dives of the morning sessions, expect a bigger picture overview as Trevor Hardy of The Future Laboratory casts his eye over how the retail landscape is set to transform through technology over the next five years and beyond.

The featured talks above are, of course, just a small selection from what looks like a truly great line-up at this year’s, but we hope they help set you up for an inspiring and illuminating event.

If you’d like to meet at the event or learn more about how solving sizing can help your brand prosper going into 2018, just get in touch!

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