6 Quick Last-Minute Resources for Success at Shop.org 2017

Shop.org 2017 Last-Minute Resources

With Shop.org just days away, it’s time for the final countdown to begin in earnest. As always, we’re massively looking forward to taking part at one of the biggest events of the retail year.

How to make the best use of your time over an action-packed three days isn’t always obvious, however, so we’ve put together a quick last-minute list of six useful resources to help tee up attendees for success.

1. The Shop.Org 2017 App

The days of schlepping around with paper itineraries are thankfully behind us and the NRF has done an outstanding job in putting together the Shop.org mobile app this year. Available for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile, the app has you comprehensively covered for your entire stay in Los Angeles.

Shop.org 2017 Mobile App
This year’s mobile app is an essential piece of kit.

Be sure to download the app in advance so you can take advantage of a helpful chatbot, excellent local mapping, and the ability to create your own schedule in order not to miss crucial talks.

2. The Fit Analytics Apparel Insider Guide to Shop.org 2017

As per usual with Shop.org, there’s a huge amount excellent talks and presentations taking place simultaneously throughout the event so a little forward planning goes a long way. In addition to reviewing the full agenda, take a look at our own breakdown of the top Day Two and Day Three talks from a fashion and fit perspective.

3. Shop.Org and NRF LinkedIn Groups

If you’ve been sleeping on the official Shop.org and National Retail Federation LinkedIn groups, now’s a great chance to quickly get up to speed before you land in Los Angeles.

Both groups have been full of impressively detailed takes on the current state of retail in the run up to this year’s event. Here’s a quick sampling of recent articles that have sparked debate in order to whet your appetite and get you primed for conversations on the conference floor:

  • Small Is the New Black by Steve Dennis: A typically insightful take on the transformation taking place in offline retail. If you’re prepping for Shop.org, a quick read through any recent article from this renowned retail maven is highly encouraged.
  • 5 Sessions I’m Looking Forward To At Shop.org Los Angeles 2017 by Bob Phibbs: Somewhat surprisingly, this is the Retail Doctor’s first trip to Shop.org but he’s off to a great start with this short breakdown of sessions not to be missed.
  • Deep Dive: The US Retail Revolution Solution by Fung Global Retail & Tech: In start contrast to many lightweight industry “hot takes” doing the rounds, Fung Global have put together a genuinely comprehensive, data-driven overview of what’s really going on across retail in America. This one’s required reading for anyone in apparel.

4. Get the Low-Down on L.A.

While there’s more than enough entirely within the walls of the Convention Center to keep anyone busy  for three days, it’d be a shame to miss out on some of the many attractions that make L.A. one of the world’s most vibrant cities.

Shop.org 2017 LA Guide

To help you make the most of your stay, start by checking out Shop.org’s own This Is L.A. guide where you’ll find helpfully curated lists of everything from the best craft beer bars in town to top spots for power lunches with executives.

Add in a little more local info for the trip and you’ll be perfectly prepared for everything the City of Angels has to offer. Vice, Vogue, and The Guardian have you more than covered when it comes to further options to explore.

A quick look at the Shop.org agenda shows that the traditional schedule of keynotes and tech talks is heavily punctuated by podcasts this year. That’s thanks to a spiffy new on-site podcast studio where many of the world’s leading retail analysts will be working overtime to capture the mood on the conference floor.

Expect plenty of real-time analysis this year thanks to Shop.org’s podcast studio.

In addition to live interviews and coverage, the featured podcasts are also a great way of catching up on general industry topics and trends in advance of Shop.org. Here are a couple of notable recent episodes to get you fired up for the main event:

6. Reengineering Retail by Doug Stephens

Doug Stephens is one of the world’s leading retail analysts and his blog pieces are consistently among the sharpest takes on what’s happening throughout the worlds of online and offline commerce.

He’s also recently published a much anticipated follow up to his classic text The Retail Revival. If there’s one book you’re going to pore over on the flight to Los Angeles, go for his latest work Reengineering Retail: The Future of Selling in a Post-Digital World.

We hope the resources above help you have the most productive time possible at this year’s Shop.org and hope to see many of you out and about around the conference center.

If you’d like to arrange a meeting on-site, or find out more about how our Fit Finder can help you boost conversions and slash returns, get in touch today!

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