How Solving Sizing Delivered a 6.23% Increase in Net Sales for Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries Fit Analytics Case Study

As one of America’s most beloved military heritage brands, Alpha Industries has been designing and manufacturing high-performance outerwear to highly demanding specifications for over 75 years. So, when they came to us for help with delivering a better fit to customers, we knew expectations were high and that we’d have to demonstrate our size advisor’s impact with real numbers straight out of the gate.

Alpha Industries already provided a highly optimized e-commerce experience to shoppers prior to partnering with us – particularly in the area of returns management. Our mission was to prove sizing as an area that could unlock extra sales revenue across a finely-tuned product range and online offering.

Fit Finder size advisor in action at Alpha Industries
Fit Finder in action at Alpha Industries.

An A/B test pitting our Fit Finder against a traditional static size chart was the best way of quickly assessing how much extra value we could deliver. Alpha Industries trusted us to manage integration quickly and smoothly during the busy holiday shopping season, with zero negative impact on existing internal resources or customer experience.

“When we went to Fit Analytics with our challenge, they came back with a solution and were able to impact our e-commerce business in less than three months. They exceeded our expectations and moved the needle for us in a significant way.” – Matthew Pantoja, VP of Global Marketing and E-Commerce, Alpha Industries.

In little under a month, the results from over a quarter of a million tests were in and strongly showed Fit Finder’s ability to make an instant impact.

Alpha Industries Fit Analytics A/B Test Results
Fit Finder had an instant positive impact across core e-commerce metrics during extensive A/B testing.

Shoppers using the Fit Analytics size advisor showed a 5.7% increase in conversion rate. Improved user confidence around fit also led to a 6.3% increase in total orders and a 0.41% increase in average order value (AOV).

After factoring in associated costs, Alpha Industries enjoyed a net sales increase of 6.23% from Fit Analytics-influenced purchases during the initial testing phase. Equally importantly, the company was able to clearly forecast future ROI and long-term impact of going with our sizing solution.

This immediate impact gave the company the confidence to partner with us on sizing across its range to deliver consistently better results for customers and the brand as a whole. We’re proud to be part of the #ALPHAMISSION and helping one of America’s most iconic brands get closer to its customers.

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