Stay-at-Home Summer 2020 Trends

Online Shopping - Summer 2020 Fashion Trends
Summer 2020 trends are changing due to the effects of COVID-19. Shopping patterns are shifting and conversions for key summer items have declined.

Summer 2020 is expected to be unlike any summer we’ve experienced. With stay-at-home orders still in place for some locations and summer trips being canceled due to COVID-19, it’s no surprise that shopping trends have shifted this year. 

With that in mind, we analyzed the data from our 200+ retail partners to take a look at the emerging summer 2020 fashion trends. Typically around this time, our data from Fit Intelligence shows an increase in conversions for summer items – like dresses, shorts, and rompers. 

Summer 2020 Trends - Conversion Rate for Dresses
Numbers are based on data aggregated from our 200+ retail partners

This year, we analyzed those same summer 2020 trends, from March to April, and concluded that conversions have declined compared to last year. When looking at the conversion rate from March to April 2020, we saw that dresses, shorts, and rompers declined by -13.5%, -4.5%, and -19.2% respectively, compared to March and April 2019. However, overall purchases for March and April 2020 increased by 52%.

Conversion Rates for Athleisure Pieces Increase

Consumers are shopping online now more than ever especially with many retail locations still closed. However, their purchasing behaviors are different from what we would expect going into a new season. 
We found that items that fall into the athleisure or comfort category, like joggers and sweatshirts, have increased in conversions. Our overall activewear purchases are up 124% for March and April 2020. The activewear community’s creativity with getting consumers engaged and moving from home is fuel for the growth in this vertical. 

Summer 2020 Trends - Conversion Rate for Joggers
Numbers are based on data aggregated from our 200+ retail partners

When we compared March and April 2020 to last year, we saw that conversion rates for joggers and sweatshirts have increased. Joggers increased by 7.7% and sweatshirts have seen a 2.3% increase this year.

Overall, our data shows that summer 2020 trends are changing. Consumers are purchasing different items than they typically would leading into the summer months. This seems to be due, in large part, to COVID-19 preventing social events that are typical in the summer. 

As the pandemic continues to play out, we will continue to monitor summer 2020 fashion trends and beyond.

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