4 Key Questions Raised by Amazon’s Apparel Ambitions

With the scale of Amazon’s apparel ambitions becoming clearer every week, now is an excellent time to look at four key questions its ongoing initiatives pose for everyone in the fashion industry.

1. Are You a Day One or a Day Two Company?

One of the hallmarks of Jeff Bezos’ success to date is the start-up spirit he’s managed to maintain across a global company with a headcount in the tens of thousands. It’s a mindset built around a no-holds-barred approach to employee expectations and a relentless focus on positive customer outcomes. Continue reading “4 Key Questions Raised by Amazon’s Apparel Ambitions”

What Amazon’s Brick and Mortar Retail Revolution Means for Fashion’s Future

Though Amazon’s server empire has been taking centre stage over the last few years, the company remains true to its roots and committed to pushing online retail forward across several fronts. It seems like hardly a quarter goes by without some kind of potentially transformative initiative being announced.

Admittedly, several of these projects are still very much at the exploratory stage of development. To take just one example, Amazon’s ambitious drone programme is not going to be rolling out to major metropolitan areas anytime soon. Make no mistake, however, that day will come. The arrival of one-hour delivery in markets such as New York shows the company is fully focused on doing whatever it takes to make the last-mile problem disappear. Continue reading “What Amazon’s Brick and Mortar Retail Revolution Means for Fashion’s Future”