The Ins and Outs from a Successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How Machine Learning Delivered 355 Million Size Recommendations in 5 Days.

The trends across retail and e-commerce continue to evolve every year. After a busy week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, changes in the industry became even more clear. This year brick and mortar retailers saw a steady decline in foot traffic. Customers turned to online shopping – through both mobile and desktop. Purchases through mobile devices saw a 21% increase from last year. Mobile accounted for 39% of all e-commerce sales – totaling $2.9 billion in sales from smartphones alone (source: Retail Dive). According to the Shopify Plus Fashion Industry Report, retailers are driving growth through machine learning, artificial intelligence, and personalized customer experiences.

Customers now expect personalized experiences throughout their shopping journey. For example, e-retailers who offer their shoppers the option of BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick-up in Store) saw a 43% increase this year vs. last year (source: Forbes). Brands that address the challenges of shopping online through new innovations are at an advantage.

These innovations come in many different forms. The goal is to enhance and personalize the online shopping experience. This is especially true in the fashion industry where consumers’ wants vary greatly. One way this is achieved is with the help of a sizing solution, like Fit Finder. Fit Finder helps shoppers choose the right size and personalizes style recommendations. Throughout the holiday shopping weekend, sizing solutions helped to increase conversions. Fit Finder boosts shopper confidence which leads to larger orders. The data-driven recommendations and social proof encourage shoppers to complete their purchase.

Fit Analytics Fit Finder

This year Fit Analytics more than doubled the amount of size recommendations given from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Fit Finder produced a total of 355 million recommendations vs. 160 million in 2018. From 2018 to 2019, Fit Finder increased conversions by 18%. This is due in large part to our clients utilizing our ever-expanding product suite. In the last year, Fit Analytics added product suggestions, millions of SKUs, and expanded to 35 more countries.

And that’s just Fit Finder – Fit Analytics also launched Fit Intelligence. Fit Intelligence is an advanced insights platform offering clients a deep analyses of customer data. With Fit Intelligence, retailers have access to significant data points about their customers. This data – like missed opportunity due to out-of-stocks and age and gender demographics – could otherwise be overlooked. Our partners now understand their audience at a deeper level. They are able to offer personalized experiences based on those insights, creating customers for life.

Fit Analytics Fit Intelligence on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Fit Analytics’ results from the holiday weekend (Black Friday and Cyber Monday) prove that shoppers are seeking size advice. Customers are purchasing more when they receive a recommendation through Fit Finder. The data shows another successful kick-off to holiday shopping. 

Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday Results: 

  • 2.75 billion page views – up +55% YOY
  • The peak was on Black Friday, with 762 million page views – up +40% YOY
  • Served more than 130 countries, with an addition of 35 countries this year
  • Provided more than 355 million recommendations – 2.2X recommendations of LY
  • 22.4% conversion rate on Black Friday, up from 19% conversion rate in 2018

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