[VIDEO] The Future of Retail Technology: An Interview with Business Reporter UK

In this interview with Fit Analytics, UK news outlet Business Reporter talks with our Co-Founder Sebastian Schulze about the importance of prioritizing personalization technologies for online retailers.

Video | Business Reporter UK | Posted 05-Nov-2020 – Updated 13-Apr-2022

In this Interview You’ll Learn:

  • Why a company needs to consider personalization technologies to stay competitive
  • How data can create a closer relationship between retailers and customers
  • How the future of retail will change with increasing technological adaptations

A Look at the Future of Retail Technology

2020 has changed the world as we know it – and few industries are feeling this monumental shift as much as retail. The global pandemic has forced retailers to focus on their e-commerce operations. While e-commerce was already on the rise, this year’s global changes have accelerated the shift from in-store to online shopping. So what do companies need to consider when making the rapid shift from brick and mortar to online?

E-commerce is about technology, not just retail – in this interview and accompanying article, we go deeper into the topics of e-commerce and customer expectations. Watch our interview to hear Sebastian Schulze talk about all things personalization with Business Reporter’s correspondent, Rachel Hicks.

“Today’s shoppers embrace technology to meet their needs and match their values. Retailers recognize this trend and use the opportunity to rebuild personal relationships with their customers in the digital world.”
– Sebastian Schulze

Excerpt from “Personalisation: a look at the future of retail technology”

Watch the full video interview and read the article here.

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