How Weird Fish Solved Sizing for Shoppers While Boosting the Bottom Line

Weird Fish Fit Analytics Solve Sizing

Carving out a successful niche in the incredibly competitive UK apparel market is no easy task, but that’s exactly what leading lifestyle brand Weird Fish has managed to do over the last two decades. The company’s stylish take on relaxed weekend wear has won it a special place in the hearts of shoppers at a time of ongoing uncertainty across UK apparel.

In this piece, we’ll shine a spotlight on what makes Weird Fish special while highlighting some stellar e-commerce results it’s recently managed to achieve with a little help from our own Fit Finder.

Let’s start with a quick look at the brand.

Weird Fish: Living the Lifestyle Brand

Weird Fish started with an admirably simple vision of producing “well-priced, well-made and distinctive clothes that become instant feel-good favourites” over 25 years ago and hasn’t looked back since. Browse the site today and you’ll find a range of fresh casual and outdoor styles available for men, women, and children – all backed by free standard delivery in the UK and an incredibly generous 90-day returns policy.

New arrivals at Weird Fish
Get inspired by new arrivals.

Be sure to check out the inspiration section for background on some of the brand’s signature styles and breakdowns of the latest seasonal looks. If you’d like to see some of those styles in the flesh, keep an eye on the their events page where you’ll see outdoor-themed events taking place all across the United Kingdom throughout the year. The  competitions page, meanwhile, gives loyal shoppers regular chances to win great prizes, getaways, and a selection of the latest styles.

Stellar reviews from happy shoppers at Weird Fish
Stellar reviews from happy shoppers

Put all of that together and it’s no surprise that it continues to impress both UK customers and the industry at large. Browse the reviews section of the site and you’ll find story after story of shopper satisfaction and a near perfect Google Customer Review rating. That success is also reflected in prestigious industry awards from the likes of Drapers and ECMOD which the Weird Fish team regularly pick up.

Stellar Sizing Results with Fit Finder

Fit Finder was a natural choice for a shopper-friendly brand such as Weird Fish and the sizing solution has been live on the site since late 2016 across all categories including kids.

James Lloyd Weird Fish Fit Analytics testimonial
E-commerce manager James Lloyd was impressed with the conversion uplift delivered by Fit Finder.

The results so far have been impressive. An initial A/B test against a standard sizing chart showed Fit Finder delivering an 8% increase in conversions and an extremely healthy 2% increase in average revenue per visitor.

Check out the full Weird Fish success story for a more detailed breakdown of the value Fit Finder has been able to provide for one of the UK’s favourite feel-good lifestyle brands.

Fit Finder’s success with Weird Fish proves that it’s not just global giants such as ASOS and The North Face who benefit from our machine learning expertise – smaller lifestyle brands can also expect significant uplift across key e-commerce metrics such as conversion and return rates and average basket size.

If you’d like to start solving sizing and selling smarter, get in touch today and let’s start the conversation!

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